Having an long-term relationship ain’t easy, but with the right partner it is definitely one of the most rewarding experience a human being can experience. At the same time it is really hard, especially after a certain point when the boredom kicks in and things start to get into a cycle, which is repeated every day. This is one of the main reasons why a lot of couples brake up. But what if your partner was The One?

Actually, this is something written by a redditor and I liked it so much that I think it is something every couple should do. Of course there are some other ways to add some variaty to your relationship, but here is the 2-2-2 Rule.

u/ckernan2 and his wife has come up with that trick. It is, in fact pretty simple. However it is easy to see how successful an arrangement like that might be.

Every 2 weeks, we go out for the evening.

Every 2 weeks we go out for the weekend.

Every 2 weeks we go out for a week.

This it is. Simple but it can definitely add up a lot of new things in your love live, including the option to spend even more time with your soulmate. Of course the numbers are could be changed, so they can fit your lifestyle more, but stick to the basic guidelines : do new things as often as possible. If you and your partner hasn’t had a date in over a month, then believe us it is time to go out, together.