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3 Months Spotify Premium for 1$


Everyone here in the office loves Spotify. If you don’t know about it, it is a kind of music player that comes with millions of different songs and best of all it has all the popular and not so popular artists. You can even listen to them for free. And it is 100% legal.

Of course the free version has some annoying things, but music cost money and they give a lot of royalties back to the artist, so it makes sense. If you are using the free version you have access to every single song but there are some annoying ads, like once every 30-40 minutes on the desktop/mobile site. They also have a pretty good Android/iOS applications, but they are severely limited on the free version, you can only play albums and playlist on shuffle mode and you have limited number of skips to the next song. And yet it costs 9$ per month to remove them. 9$ for unlimited plays of songs and you know that with each play of a song you give back to the artists. Every single play.

Knowing my taste in music, if I had to buy every single piece I listen to, I would have to pay over 100$ each and every month and this is not something that my budget could handle. Instead every one in our office gets a free Spotify Premium for as long as they work with us, making sure that they can get into zone and produce great content for you, our readers.

But I am not writing this article to sell you on Spotify. The main idea behind this was to tell you about their newest promotion offer : they provide 3 months of Premium service for just 0.99$. Yes, this includes everything they offer, including premium on their mobile applications, being able to download songs to your hard disc legally, listening to custom radios and many more. In order to get Spotify Premium for just 0.99$, check their official discount webpage[no affiliate link].

P.S. Our site is visited by a lot of people, who enjoy music, though every one of them has a different taste. Please leave your favourite Spotify playlist, so we can check them out. We enjoy discovering new artists and great songs. We might even dance around for a bit. Work hard, play hard, right?

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