Stay Safe While Running In The Summer


The Summer is a period of time, when it is easy to be active and and spend more time outside. It is also a great time to do some running or speed walking, as these are two not so demanding excercises that could be done quickly and would provide great results, both on mental and physical level. Longer days also give us more time to go out and have a go, but at the same time the heat and humidity might cause you a lot of problems. This is the premise of this post stay active in the summer, but you should also respect the dangers of the heat and humidity.

I have collected a few tips, that would help you stay safe and enjoy your run despite the temperetures outside.

1. Don’t schedule your run for the hottest time of the day. Avoid going out from 12:00 to 15:00. If needed split your run into two different,smaller runs, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

2. Slow down. Running fast is fun, but at the same time it is more demanding from your body. Try alternating between walk, fast walk and running.

3. Your body lose heat from your head, so avoid wearing hats that doesn’t allow breathing. Also try to wear light clothing.

4. Good Shoes. This is a rule that stays important in every season. If you are a regular, or even not so regular runner invest in a good pair of running shoes. Additional thing, that could result in more comfortable runs is the socks. Invest in a pair, that is suitable for using during high temperatures, so you can avoid blisters.

5. Drink. A lot Of. Water. It might be hard, but bring a water tube with you and don’t hesitate drinking from the tube. There are also a lot of differnet belts or pouches, that could make it easier for you.

6. Try to work up your body and start small, so your body can train to the heat. This would mean starting shorter runs on a cooler part of the day and slowly your body will accustom to the hot temperatures.

7. If there is a lake or river around you try running by it. It will give you a great view and it will also make it easier thanks to the cooler temperatures.

8. Try other physical activities. For example, swimming is a pretty nice activity that you can do in the summer, thats both refreshing and would help your body stay fit. You could also bike.

9. You know your body better than everyone else. If you feel uncomfortable or start having any pain stop running immediately and consult your doctor.

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