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3 Things Not To Do When Getting A Tattoo


Getting a tattoo is pretty big step for a lot of people, who get them for different reasons. This article is not about whether you should get one or not, instead we are here to help you and provide 3 things, which you shouldn’t do. These rules will probably help to you get better value for your money.

1. Don’t Be On Pills or Drunk

The amount of people who get drunk before getting a tattoo or taking painkillers is insanely high, despite the fact that this is very dangerous and can result in terrible things. Yes, getting a tattoo hurts, but it doesn’t hurt that much to warrant a painkiller pills or getting drunk in order to survive that. Would you prefer the professional tattoo artist drunk or on pills? It is the same.

First, people who had a few drinks bleed more during the process. But this is not the real issue, here people who are drunk move, a lot, making it incredibly difficult for the artist and that could result in mistakes. Also a lot of people are really loud, trying to talk to the artist, but this is a mistake as well, as he needs to focus on the work.

And finally, some people are so drunk, that they have the tendency to forget that they wanted a tattoo or, even worst they are looking for terrible tattoos. Tom and Jerry on your butt? Really?

2.Don’t Be Cheap

Negotiating or proffering an artist, solely because he is cheaper is a terrible idea. You should remember, the one you choose will put something on your body, that will last forever. It is a lifelong commitment, so why would you price shop? If one shop tells you 30$ and another 250$, what would be the difference? Probably, in the first shop you would receive an additional bonus to your order, a free AIDS?

That’s why you should always research the artists and the shops, check their portfolios or even talk with their old clients. Most of those could be learnt by checking their online website or Facebook page. Avoid any shops that doesn’t have at least a website with a portfolio on it. Don’t blindly trust them as well, once you are in try to sit for a few minutes and observe your surrounding. If it doesn’t look clean, just say Goodbye and get out.

3. Know What You Want

If you have just decided that you want a tattoo, but you are still unsure what exactly you want, then this is a terrible time for you to go consult artists. Beside that getting a tattoo just for the sake of getting it is terrible, as we are talking about something that will be on you forever and you have no idea what it be. Asking a stranger about something, that will be 24/7 on your body is a terrible idea, avoid it.

Try to search for inspiration online or just your surroundings. Most of the tattoo artist work with pictures from the internet or your own drawings, so get something first and then consult a shop, as they would be way more willing to help you and show some ways that could improve your tattoo. Another nice thing is that when you pick the design, especially if it is from internet or some magazine it will cost you cheaper, as you have saved your artist’s time.

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