A Guide To Not Leaving Anyone Out of your Wedding


Organizing a wedding is a really hard task, which requires insane amount of attention and care, as there are thousands of small things that might eventually destroy your day and leave a terrible, black spot over that day. Countless of small details, but a lot would argue that the huge part of a wedding doesn’t mean anything and the most important piece of it are the people there, sharing this precious moment with the newly-married couple. This is why you should prioritize invitation and make sure absolutely no one is left out.

The thing is unless you are extremely rich you can’t invite anyone you know either. This might lead to some horrendeous results, not inviting people who mean a lot to you, or inviting someone that you barely know, resulting in akward situations.

Our guide to achieving success in this area is pretty simple, decide a number with your significant other and stick to it. Studies have shown that the average wedding in 2014 has around 135 guests, while in 2009 the average was 150. This is a huge difference, with the average expenses per guests being around 200$ according to CNN, with huge percentage of these spend on food and drinks(over 65$).  Deciding the number happens once you know your budget and the venue you are going in. Remember to count the expenses for guest transportation as they might pile up a lot. Once this happen get three pieces of paper and write “… must attend our wedding” on one of thiese sheets, “I Want … to attend our wedding” and on third “… Should attend our wedding”. This way you can prioritize the most important people for you on the first sheet, with less important choices on the other sheets.

To recap, tier 1 are people who must attend to the wedding, including people like close relatives and family, your best friends and likes. Second one are people you would want to invite and the third one is a list with people who you might like to see, but won’t be concerned that much if they can’t come. In case each partner wants to have its own guest list, both of you should have a similiar tier lists and make compromises. A tier 1 guest  of a bride is more important than a tier 2 of the groom.

If you are not sure how to prioritize these people, think of the following “dinner party” test. Would you invite these people to a dinner at your house or hang with them one on one outside. If the answer is yes, then you probably want them on your wedding. In another instance if you haven’t seen someone for over 3 years, then you probably wouldn’t want to invite them on your wedding.

It is a nice thing to make a decision about whether you will invite children to the wedding and inform your guests about your policy. There is an increase in childrenless parties in the last few years and if you decide to go on that route,saving some money and stress please inform your guests, so they can plan ahead.

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