Get Rid Of The Smell From Your Gym Clothes


Oh, thy gym. Every girl’s enemy. You have to keep yourself fit and exercise, but it is hard. Hard to build a routine, which will allow you to do it. And additionally hard because, you know the sweat smells. And if you are not sweating, you are doing it wrong. It becomes especially annoying if you don’t have any clothes to change or after a few days your gym clothes start to stink.It is a nightmare.

First thing first, avoid leaving your clothes in the gym, especially if they are wet, or they will slowly, but surely will be full with bacteria that smell really bad and might even danger your health. This is especially important for your underwear, as this way bacteries has an easy way to get into your body.

We recommend using a bag and taking your gym clothes with you. Once you are home, immediately get your clothes out, turn them inside out and hang them. The air will dry them out, making sure that there won’t be any dangerous bacteria, that are attracting by the sweat.

Beside that it is a nice idea to launder those clothes at least once per 3 sessions. It could be a nice thing to soak your clothes into a water with vinegar(one part vinegar, four parts cold water) for about thirty minutes. Additionally you could add a cup of white vinegar to your rinse cycle instead of a detergent. A friend of mine even uses a one cup of baking soda, instead of vinegar. Remember skip the detergent if you are using this technique.

Did you know, that this is really annoying for people who run regularly and attain marathons? In fact an ex-marathon runner Mark Konjevod has founded a company and produced a special detergent called WIN, that promises to handle the smelling. It seems promising and has a lot of positive reviews in Amazon, but I haven’t tried it yet, although I will probably give it a try soonish and review it for you on VibraVoice. Till then, you can order and check it for yourself on Amazon.

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