How To Dress Smarter – 5 Tips That Will Help You To Look Better This Summer


The summer is knocking on the door and every women starts preparing to look their best, whether it is about losing some weight or improving their tonus. But it is not just about the weight. If you want to look more confident, appear taller and leaner and to project an air of confidence and success in any room, then this is the article for you. Here are five small tips that will supercharge your looks.

1. Don’t let your clothes wear you.

When it comes to choosing something to wear, the most important factor isn’t the price, neither it’s colors or fabric. Always buy clothes that fits you perfectly, nothing too loose as they make you look sloppy, which is not good. Experiment with different designs and styles, and if you can’t find something to match you perfectly buy something and get a personal tailor who will make sure that it fits perfectly. Getting a personal tailor is way cheaper than you though, usualy it adds less than 10-20$ to the value of the your clothes, but they make sure that you will look perfect in them.

2. Keep it simple

It is summer, so make sure that your clothing is simple. Avoid wearing large-faced watches or big pocket hanks. Also when it comes to your jacket they should only maximum of three buttons and make sure that they have only two outer pockets. The idea is that you want the eyes of the people around you focused on your upper body as this makes us look taller in their eyes.

Another thing to note is the colours of your clothes. Make sure that they are simple as well and make sure that they form a consisten theme, which also creates an illusion of height. Choose darker colors for the bottom half of your body and lighter colours in the upper half. The reason again is the illusion of height, which will improve your overall looks.

We recommend avoiding patters as a whole, but if this is not applicable vertical patters are better than horizontals. The main reason here is that vertical ones makes you look thinner.

3. The Length Does Matter

Your jacker should be slightly shorter than the imaginery lane that “cuts you in two equal parts”. This will create a longer leg lane and also make you look taller. Of course don’t ruin this with wearing trousers that sits on your hips, instead they should fit you at your waist.

4. Pay Attention to sizing

When you are shopping in a mall or buying ready-made clothes take your time. Don’t rush it, even if you are the one women in the world, who doesn’t like shopping. Avoid buying something that is too big, look for the perfect fit. Try to take a friend with you, someone whose oppinion you trust. Or our VibraVoice recommendation :

5.Find a Personal tailor and work with him

Getting a personal tailor, someone who will know your measurements exactly and will know your preferrences is a no brainer. Look at your area and ask for prices, you will be surprised to see how low are they, you can get great looking clothes for even cheaper prices than your local mall.

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