How to Get the most out of binge watching a TV Show


The last few years were awesome for the all the Television. For you who doesn’t know what this is, it is the thing you watch on your phones and tablets. A lot of great Tv shows were produced and there comes a time when you are too busy and you can’t watch all the good ones. This probably will mean that sooner or later you will want ot binge watch a TV series.

But spending your whole day watching a movie is a skill and it is something that not everyone can do and it needs a talent and some skills to master the art of binge watching. If you are one of those amateurs here is a collections of the rules that will allow you to enjoy your show to the fullest without many interruptions.

Prepare food

Know what you will eat for the day and prepary as much as you can. Also there is always a chance that you will crave something thats not there, so a recommended thing is to stock your house with all three stacks : sweet,salty and savory. Popcorn and chocolate seems like a preferable option for two of these and the third one might be a beef jerkey or something else that will keep you full for a while. Don’t underestimate this step, noone wants to have to go to the shop during a cliffhanger and you will hate yourself if you do.

Pick a TV show

Of course this is an important step. Pick something thats good and it might not be something that you watch usually, but preferably get something that you want to watch. Game of Thrones, Orange is the new Black and Gossip Girl are some of our recommendations.

Invest time in finding the perfect position

Don’t be afraid to waste some time but identify the comfiest spot on your chair/bed, just an arm range of the snacks and get the remote of your air conditioner in case it becomes too cold/hot. Ideally you don’t want to make any moves for the next 12 hours.

Stream/Download the Show

There is an option to stream the show on Hulu+ or Netflix and as far I as know Netflix even has a way to switch to the next episode of the series without your input. This is godsend as you don’t want to ruin your comfy position. You can also download the show and set your media player to automatically start the next episode.


Binge watching a Tv show is a perfect way to relax after a hard week in work or school, so make sure you relax as much as you can. No movement or unnecessary things are welcome. You are only allowed to move to get more snacks or drinks and to go to the bathroom. You are not allowed to move otherways, at least untill the sunset.

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