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Old School New Body Review – Is it Scam or Not?


Trying to find legitimate reviews for most of the internet products is a rather difficult or in some cases impossible task. This is why the edidor team of The Smiling Women decided to buy and review the most popular female products online. The two projects that we found to have a pretty big following and huge promotional activities were The Venus Factor and The Old School, New Body System. Here you can find the Venus Factor Review and check whether it is a scam or not(Spoilers: It seems like a cool product, that is hyped too much from marketers) and this page is the review of The Old School, New Body.

First things first. We spend our own money buying this system, as we have also spend a lot of money buying other products, so we can review them and save you time/money. All the links in this webpage are affiliate links, meaning that we will get a little kickback if you decide to buy the product. This doesn’t mean that our writing team will definitely tell good things about the website. Everything you read in this page is true and 100% genuine. We will not compromise our oppinions and your trust in us for money.

Old School, New Body is a system developed by a couple, Steve and Becky Holman who are both into their 50s and their system is mostly suited for people who are in their 40s or 50s and aims to help these peoplo to lose weight and show them how to reverse the aging process, helping them look and more importantly feel younger.

The system consists of five steps, which you should follow in order to achieve the desired results and will cover them in a bit. But first, I will go a bit ahead and tell you about my verdict of the product. Overall it is a great program, but if you are looking to lose weight, then it is not for you. I will recommend you the Venus Factor system. If you are looking to gain weight and build muscles, then I am sorry but this book is again, not for you. There are better products on the market and once we identify them we will recommend them. But if you are a lady in your 40s, looking to preserve your body and beauty and slow down the process of aging, then this is the right product for you and you will benefit greatly from this product.

But let’s come back to the product and the five steps, outlined in it, that will help accomplish your goal. Remember, there are a lot more information inside the product, but this is the short summary of it.

1. Eat properly. This includes eating dietary fats, as they are important for your body regeneration and hormones.

2. Excercise properly. Running is not the proper excercise, as it speeds up the aging process.

3. Think properly. Blaming everything on your age is a wring mindset and you should get rid off it. You are not doomed on anything, just because you are 50.

4. Drink properly. Mostly consist of water, as it is essential for your sking and health.

5. Workout properly. This consist of outlining different workouts that will work perfectly for you and your needs, and there are different excercises that you should avoid and specific excercises that you should do in a different, more forgiving way.

This is it. The information is presented in a great way and is easy to read and understand. Of course not everything is perfect. There are some slight false information about specific parts of the system, that the latest scientific researchs and experiments have proven wrong. The positive part is that the author is willing to make changes and after our reporters emailed and offereted links to new scientific researchs(that were published after the release of system) has edited these parts and is working to build something as useful as possible for older women. This is why, we are giving it a Very Good Mark, and we are recommending this book if you are looking to avoid the aging process and keeping your mind and body fit and young.

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