The Spotted Lake


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Spotted Lake is a lake(really!) that is located in near the city Osoyoos, Canada and it has become a huge magnet for tourists in the last few years. As you can see from our featured image(there are more pictures in the bottom of the post) it has a alien colouring, as it has come alive from a drawing in a childs colouring book. The main reason behind it’s looks is the concentration of different minerals, including calcium, sodium sulphates and magnesium sulphates. It also includes other minerals in smaller quantity, like silver and titanium.

It’s not widely known that during the First World War, Chinese workers were mining it and using the minerals from the lake into building ammunition. According to different reports, it is believed that they managed to harvest up tons of salts every day.

The lake, also known as Kliluk to the natives, is treated as a sacred place and because of that the commercial exploitation of the area generated a lot of negative press from the local newspapers, and the natives are looking to continue utilizing the therapeutic qualities of the water in the lake, as the minerals inside the lake are proven to help healing aches and ailments.There is also an old story, two tribes stopped the war between each other and both tribes could use the healing attributes of the lake to take better care for the wounded in the war.

Pictures of Spotted Lake

spotted-lake1 spotted-lake2 spotted-lake3 spotted-lake4 spotted-lake5

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