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Venus Factor Review – Is it Scam or Not?


The New Venus Factor System did create a lot of excitement in the online weight loss crowd and quickly become known as the best possible way to lose weight, without hard excercise and workouts. This is our review of this software and I promise you, I will hide nothing about it, nor the positives nor the negatives.

Dear reader. Please do not buy Venus Factor, before you read this review. Why? Simple, noone else will tell you about the negative sides of that system and there are a few such things. They do really offer a 60-day no questions asked money refund, but better be prepared. Most of our visitors, know me : I am Jessie, the managing editor of The Smiling Women Magazine. What most of you won’t know is that I am also a certified Natural Medicine Researcher, so I know what I am talking(writing in this case). However this article is not about me, so I won’t bore you with more details. Let’s go directly to my genuinely impartial review of this software.

First things first. We spend our own money buying this system, as we have also spend a lot of money buying other products, so we can review them and save you time/money. All the links in this webpage are affiliate links, meaning that we will get a little kickback if you decide to buy the product. This doesn’t mean that our writing team will definitely tell good things about the website. Everything you read in this page is true and 100% genuine. We will not compromise our oppinions and your trust in us for money.

Venus Factor is a fitness program, created by the best-selling writer and nutritionist John Barban. The unique thing about the product according to it’s page is that it is designed specially for women, so it is not recommended for males. This is true and while a men could use some parts from the system, the majority of it won’t have huge effects on them. They also claim that you will be able to do all the excercises at home, though I think is a bit overreaching, unless you have your own home gym. Yet it is possible to do the first few weeks of excercise at home, but you can’t avoid it for the whole duration of the program. Have that in mind.

My first impression of the real product, after purchasing it wasn’t positive. You get bombarded with additional offers and so-called upsales. I haven’t tried them, but I feel the constant ads about their additional products/services was a bit over the top. Yes, my loved reader. Try to find another review of the product, that tell you the negative sides, like I do.

Let’s get back to the program though. The main premise of the system is controling and utilizing the hormone Leptin. As people with medical background know, this is the hormone, which decides whether the fat in our body will be burned or will be stored to be used in the future. Women have that hormone in twice ac big quantities as men, but growing older it becomes less and less and once you get to 20+ or even became a parent, your Leptin levels drop drastically. The Venus Factor program is designed to fix this and retrain your body metabolism, so your body will start naturally losing weight by itself. In order to get even better results you are encourage to follow not-so-strict diet and do easy excercises that become increasingly harder. It seems to incorporate a lot of nice, small things and excercises which I, myself, use to keep myself fit and healthy, so this was an additional positive sign for the product.

Overall, It is a nice product, suited only for women. If you are a man, don’t buy this product. The excercises and the nutrition diet won’t be of much use to you. Also if you are a man, this site is not really for you(unless you want to surprise your significant other, in which case kudos to you!). Next, avoid this book if you want great results, fast. In order to achieve and successfully retain the lost weight, it could take up to 3 months. It is made easier, though as there are some good term results, but nothing that will make your head turn. In fact, don’t trust to any product that offers you losing tens of pounds in a week. It is impossible for us, humans to do that. Next, in order to succeed you need discpline, so you have to follow the advices/excercises in the program and don’t slack off.

Despite all the negatives I have listed, the Venus Factor product is very good and the premise is easy to understand and most importantly, it works. This is why The Smiling Women Magazine does recommend it for our female readers, who are looking for solution to their weight loss needs.

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